TCST Series

tcstTelecentric lenses are good for the measurement without magnification change through over the D.O.F. and also good for even illumination (telecentric lighting) via coaxial illumination.
We have several types of telecentric lenses like different working distance, magnification, CCD size & high resolution or standard resolution as follows.

  • Fixed magnification lens
  • Low optical distortion & good telecentricity
  • High resolution and high contrast design
  • Various W.D. & magnification
  • Even coaxial illumination types

TC5M Series

tc5mIn combination with Mega pixel cameras (up to 2/3″ CCD), you can get high-quality images.

  • Designed for 5M CCD camera. (3.45m/pixel)
  • Ultra High resolution and contrast with high NA.
  • Very low distortion in whole field.
  • Compact design with coaxial illumination.

TF8M Series

  • High telecentricity: no perspective error
  • Telecentric lenses for large detectors 4M (15.2mm x 15.2mm) and 1.2″
  • Iris diaphragm for adjusting D.O.F.
  • Wide magnification range from 0.315X to 2.0X
  • Good for semiconductor & SMT & PCB components measurement

T25M Series

  • t25m-seriesThis telecentric lens supports up to 25 megapixel CCD cameras with 32mm diagonal length.
  • It is compatible with 12M CCD camera according to the customer requirement
  • High resolution lens & No perspective error over the whole F.O.V.
  • Iris diaphragm adapted for adjusting D.O.F.
  • Possible to change M48-Mount / F-Mount.

TC4M Series

  • tc4m-seriesHigh telecentricity: no perspective error.
  • Telecentric lenses for large detectors 4M
    (15.2mm x 15.2mm) and 1.2″
  • Iris diaphragm for adjusting D.O.F.
  • Wide magnification range from 0.315X to 2.0X
  • Good for semiconductor & SMT & PCB
    components measurement
  • C-Mount & F-Mount available