F-Theta Scan Lenses

Together with high speed Galvo-Mirrors, F-theta lenses enable laser cutting and writing, soldering and even welding.

While laser pointers with a mere 0.3mW power, industrial lasers can have for example 30W, but some High Power Lasers work with for example 6000W.

For the laser not to immediately destroy the lens, high end surface coatings are mandatory and the laser beam must be expanded before it enters the lens.

Here you get optical components: Mirrors, mirror holders, beam expanders and F-Thetas for the various wavelengths and laser powers. We offer a set of standard types designed and patented by our workshop.

Our range of standard F-Theta Lenses will be updated soon. However we can show our real strength by customised designs.

For further information please contact our sales department.