T25M Series

  • t25m-seriesThis telecentric lens supports up to 25 megapixel CCD cameras¬†with 32mm diagonal length.
  • It is compatible with 12M CCD camera according to the customer requirement
  • High resolution lens & No perspective error over the whole F.O.V.
  • Iris diaphragm adapted for adjusting D.O.F.
  • Possible to change M48-Mount / F-Mount.
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ProductMAGWDReso.NAF No.DOF.Telec.Dist.Mount
Lensagon T25M-033-347I 0.3334716.80.028.2526000.030.02M48
Lensagon T25M-035-213I 0.3521314.390.02337.522000.030.08M48
Lensagon T25M-045-270I 0.452709.310.0366.2511100.030.08F-Mount
Lensagon T25M-046-150I 0.4615010.20.033712000.030.04M48
Lensagon T25M-05-237I 0.52378.40.046.259000.030.08M48
Lensagon T25M-06-132I 0.613270.0486.36300.030.04M48
Lensagon T25M-092-170I 0.921705.20.0647.143030.040.03M48
Lensagon T25M-15-100I 1.51004.470.075101600.030.03F-Mount