Lensagon TCST-20-300C

Standard Object Side Telecentric Lens for 1.2 inch sensor, Magnification: 2x, WD 300mm, F# 28.5, NA 0.035, DOF 570um, Opt.Dist. 0.17, Coaxial Version

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Product Description

The Object Side Telecentric Lens TCST-20-300C is suitable for sensors with an image format of 1.2 inch.

Magnification 2
Mount C-Mount
Aperture 28.5
Working Distance (WD) 300 mm
Depth of Field (DOF) 570 μm
Resolution (Object Side) 9.6 μm
Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.035
Image Format (max.) 1.2 inch
Field of View (FOV) 3.2mm x 2.4mm@1/2″ CCD
Lens Type Object Side
Telecentricity 0.01
Optical Distortion (max.) 0.17 %
Special Feature Standard

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