Synopsys™ Optical Design Software

“Traditional (design) methods have long relied on having a good starting point, a design not too far from the desired goals, and then working to improve it. If the starting point was indeed a good one and your skills were sharp enough, you could in that way arrive at a great design. However, one rarely has such a starting point, and only a few of us have the required skills. Thus the job is hard for most, and difficult even for the experts, most of the time. The core problem here is the fact that, except in a few simple cases, there is no closed-form solution to the lens design problem. That means there is no formula you can simply plug numbers into and obtain a great design. You have to think, try things, learn from experience, and iterate. My goal in writing the (SYNOPSYS™) program has been to put as much of the burden on the computer as possible, freeing you from the most tedious of traditional tasks.”

– Donald Dilworth, Creator of SYNOPSYS™
Lens Design, Automatic and quasi-autonomous computational methods and techniques

SYNOPSYS™ runs on the powerful PSD (Pseudo Secondary Derivative) algorithm. By considering the effects of the higher-order derivatives, the PSD method converges faster to deeper minima. Starting with this all flat system, in less than one second, SYNOPSYS™ optimization turns it into a 7 element imaging system with average RMS of 6µm over the three fields. The fastest optimization algorithm in the industry and is only available in SYNOPSYS™.

SYNOPSYS™ Automatic Design Tools: State of the art, innovate, and powerful

  • Find realistic starting points for optical designs quickly
  • Explore the design space and discover new design forms, sometimes with better performance, not normally realized using conventional design protocols

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(New license including first year software update and support)